A Dream Comes True

For all the years since we met (that’s 30), Rusty has had a dream of saving old buildings.  Whether they are large, small or in-between, there is always a purpose that can be served by thinking restoration rather than demolition.

This blog will serve to document the dismantling and restoration of a wonderful, pre-Civil War home located in Middleburgh, NY…all 3,500 square feet of it…as well as the carriage barn of equal size.  These buildings have survived multiple floods, and were scheduled to be demolished for a business development.  Rusty’s plan will save both, and will serve to breath new life into them.

Since he’s relocated to the community where he grew up (Capital District) to do the actual work, I’ll be delivering the details of this evolving dream from our home (Western New York).  We hope that you will join us and follow along with his progress.  If you’re in the Middleburgh area, stop by and bring your hammer!

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16 thoughts on “A Dream Comes True”

  1. I’m looking forward to seeing the photos and reading the posts as Rusty takes on his newest endeavor. All of the work he has done on previous projects has been very impressive. I am very excited for him.

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  2. I’ve bookmarked your blog (Joan’s blog) and look forward to witnessing the progress – truly a dream come true.


  3. I’m so excited for you, how wonderful to follow your dream. I’ll be anxious to follow your progress. Best of luck!


  4. So excited for you both! Hopefully, we will take a road trip soon. We do miss the other half of our Friday night dinner adventures, though!

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  5. Hi Rusty
    I ‘m not very good at this IPad. I just found something in your blog you should know about. The bronze plaque you discovered was made for my dad’s house on Main St in Middleburgh, the big yellow house on the left a few doors up from the Bistro. Matt Coltrain gave it to us after his father died. We would love to have it back.
    We love all you are doing with our old house and wish you as many happy years as we enjoyed.
    Thank you!
    Anne and Henry


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