Progress and Karma

The past two weeks have been filled with progress and big decisions.  Choices had to be made about many parts of this project, and between late night calls, text messages and sharing of photos, it is going pretty well.  Amazing, considering I have spent a total of about 30 minutes in the house and about the same in the carriage barn, while Rusty knows every square inch of both buildings!

The house is almost ready to start being disassembled.  Through the help of DW Stinson & Sons (local contractors) original windows are coming out and being placed in crates designed just for their safekeeping.  All materials that are not original (bay windows, etc.) are being given to others who can use them.  That is where the Karma comes in…we don’t think that useful items should be trashed, they should be put to good use.  Hello HGTV and DIY…why is your first impulse to use a sledgehammer?  Our contractors feel the same way and are true preservationists.  They also were very active participants during the rebuilding of the region after Hurricane Irene flooded so many homes and businesses in the region.  They worked with S.A.L.T., a volunteer group that came together to rebuild and support long term recovery in the Schoharie Valley.  It is possible that some interested individuals may be joining to assist on the project.  Apparently there is a “BUZZ” starting in the area about the big house that is being preserved.  That, along with helping others out with materials that we do not need, is where the Karma comes in.

We appreciate Ernie and Kevin’s hard work, and enjoy reading everyone’s comments when a post is made.  Lots more to come, and we will do our best to keep you posted.  We are very fortunate to have the opportunity to save a wonderful house, and to have the support of family and friends.  Your words and your visits to the site (literally and figuratively) mean the world to us!

A large flagstone patio was discovered this past week, covered with mud from the flooding that was thanks to Irene, plants took over and once equipment moved in to clear brush and debris, cracks were heard.  Further examination revealed a large patio area.  Work stopped, and flagstones were relocated to a much safer place.



We Have a Birthday!

House PlaqueWe knew that our home was pre-Civil War, but not much more.  Not too many stories have presented themselves, and there has been no time to conduct research.  After a few weeks of hard, hard work (3600 square feet of home is now gutted), this gem revealed itself.  It was behind the cellar door, just waiting to be found.  I wish that I had been there to see the look on Rusty’s face.  This project is so near and dear to his heart, and he is working at this from early morning until dark, then working at/for his consulting business for a few more hours.  Add to that the fact that he will be away from home for months seeing this project through deconstruction and then restoration, and you get a picture of just how dedicated he is to fulfilling his dream.

Some people shake their heads and think he is crazy to tackle this project.  He is not, and we will have plenty of room for them to come visit and see that the proof will be in the pudding!  Room reservations anyone?  *You can go on the wait list,  nothing available quite yet…


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