Back without windows
Back of house
Big red bus
Contractor’s Big Red Bus and dump truck
Dumpster Number Tow Full and Telehandler
Second full dumpster and telehandler
Kitchen without windows
Looking into kitchen from driveway
Kitchen from driveway
No More Windows
Ready for a move
Schoharie side without windows
It is looking like a demo house
Windows are coming out
Living room looking toward bedroom
Windows ready to be crated
Ready to be secured for a move
Front without windows
Looks a bit different, and a bit sad!


It’s been a busy couple of weeks, and the normal work day starts before 8 and ends when it becomes too dark to work.  The gutting is complete, the doors and windows are all removed, and ready to be crated.  All of the “newer” windows and some other choice items went to the roadside so that they could go to good use on projects others have undertaken.

More friends, relatives and complete strangers are stopping by as the project shows more drastic changes.  The consistent theme has been one of thanks and appreciation for saving a great house.  Rusty is also hearing “Oh, you’re the guy…” more often.  He has not lived in Middleburgh for over 30 years, so although there are many old friends there, many new individuals have settled there.  I guess those who have known him for a long time are not the least bit surprised by this project!

The search continues for land, and the timeline for removing the carriage barn and other barn is being finalized.  Lots to do, and not a lot of time…


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