So Much to Do, So Little Time

The work has been going quickly, but the clock is always ticking on this project.  Development is supposed to begin in June, and the original deadline of having the house and the carriage barn down and moved by mid-June is still the plan.  Luckily, Rusty’s plan is working quite well, and there have been few delays.  Land has been found, trucking has been arranged, and we are only looking forward.

The floor layout has been determined, with only minor changes to take the house back to its original layout, reducing the bedroom count from 7 to 6, and planning plumbing for more efficient installation.  The stairs will be flipped back to their original direction, and that makes for a much-improved upstairs space.  I hope that there is a reading nook possibility for the upstairs hallway…but that is fairly low on the list of priorities right now!


2 thoughts on “So Much to Do, So Little Time”

  1. I applaud and congratulate you on your efforts to preserve a bit of history rather than destroy it. I am amazed and appalled at the use of sledgehammers and destruction on HGTV and DIY. More about tearing up than preserving. You are doing a good thing, and I wish you well.


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