New Address!

After lots of hard work in the hottest summer we have had in a very long time, a land purchase that seemed like it was not going to happen, the purchase of a fixer-upper to live in during the rebuilding process and working the job that pays the bills, Rusty’s dream is closer to coming true.  The work continued and the system proved to work quite effectively.  Parts were marked and logged onto a master plan, then wrapped in tarps for protection from the elements.  Everything was set to be moved, and then we had a hiccup in the purchase of the land that we though was all set.  A new search was launched, all under a very tight timeline in relation to the date by which the original site had to be cleared so that development could begin.  Luckily, the land purchase came together, and closed VERY quickly thanks to the efficient work of all parties involved.  18.9 acres of beautiful land with an incredible view of Vroman’s Nose and spectacular sunsets are now ours.

Over the course of just two days, all of the house and carriage barn parts were moved.  These were stressful days for Rusty (to say the least) and adding to the commotion were the drive-bys by people who are trying to figure out what is going on.  Many wonderful plants were transplanted to the “new” house, and will eventually be the backbone of gardens at the big house.  We are also crossing our fingers that the DEC stream restoration project goes forward on the lower end of the property to assist with flood control in the village.  Beautiful plantings will accompany that project, so the views from the big house will be wonderful.  It is hard to describe the feeling when standing on the building site…we know it is the right spot for the house and barn.

The Doerge family is also photographing the project and sharing with family members who have moved away.  We have promised them that we will honor their home and their mom’s gardens.  That is very important to us, and is a vital part of every decision we make.




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